Hi, I’m Ruth Morgan, and I am a Career Coach with a difference!

What if I told you that every negative thought you have about your job impacts your mental and physical wellbeing? Would that make you look at your career differently?

As a Career Wellbeing Coach, I help people navigate their careers to optimise their wellbeing and success. To achieve this, we need to find out what makes you tick. Ask what lights you up, and what gets in your way by identifying and overcoming your blind spots – we all have them.

You might already be achieving the success you thought you wanted but still feel like something’s missing.  That’s why you’re here.  Meaning and purpose in your work have been hard to maintain, or the success you really want frustratingly just keeps eluding you. ​​

I was once where you are. 

I spent more than twenty-five years in the recruitment industry and enjoyed most of my time there, however I had an inner knowing that there was more for me to be achieving on this planet. I started looking in the market but wasn’t successful as there were candidates who were more experienced for the jobs I was applying for.  So I embarked upon a different approach! Instead of trying to fit myself into an advertised position, I looked at my skills and experience through a different lens and created my Dream Job Description and within 3 weeks had secured that role!  Now I regularly use manifestation principles and help my clients to deconstruct their skillsets to find and obtain their dream jobs.

I’d made steps in the right direction, things were feeling more in sync, but I’d had a desire to be my own boss for years and it wasn’t getting any closer.  I wanted it, but I was busy with life as a single parent and never seemed to make the time to pursue it, not to mention all the self-doubt. The motivation came when I learnt the impact of values and got clear on mine: Growth, Careers, and Health. I felt the excitement come to life inside me instantly and I was able to bring my vision to life launching Creating Healthy Careers within 6 months.

The path to finding a fulfilling career and life requires looking back to see what life events have influenced your path. The clues are all there, we just need to know where to look and how to interpret them.

It began for me, as so many of our patterns do, in my childhood, when I witnessed my Father, who was frustrated and unhappy in his employment, create an unhealthy and stressful environment at home. As a child I just wanted to know why he couldn’t be happy at work and that began my curiosity. I also observed the impact it took on my mum’s health, and without realising it at the time, it seeded my interest in psychosomatics – the mind/body connection.   In a profound way, these experiences set the foundations for my desire to guide people to avoid the same unhealthy career choices for themselves and their families. 

You may be aware that something isn’t working for you in your career.  Our bodies talk to us, but we often don’t listen, instead choosing to listen to that little voice inside which is holding us back.   Many of my clients have experienced health breakdowns because they’ve ignored the signs and not taken action.  When you ignore messages your own body takes over to desperately try to get your attention.

Our most obvious challenges are hidden from us by our own thinking directed by our inner beliefs and programs.  We’re masters at it!  Most of the successful people I know are willing to take an honest look at what’s truly going on and work with a coach to see beyond the façade they have built up. 

If you’ve worked with a coach before, you’ll know it takes commitment and determination from you most of all.  I don’t give you all the answers, I guide you along the way to see what’s going on in your career, observe as you take action that you’ve never been able to take before and cheer as you get out of your own way and shine!

My goal for you is that you become more in control of creating your reality. 

Gain clarity.  Become unstuck.  Change the world around you. Let go of the past and find the bravery to pursue the life you want.

Whether you’re at a career crossroads or needing inspiration, we will find your success and at the same time, you’ll become more connected to your purpose in life, opening up the pathway to healing and understanding in both your own and your family’s lives.

Creating Healthy Career Brand Pillars - What I Stand For

Empowerment & Self-Awareness

I will help you get back on your path in life by joining the dots from past life lessons and empowering you to be your best self.

Integrity & Authenticity

Integrity and authenticity are vital for a successful career. I know that some issues you might face are intensely personal, challenging to deal with, and tricky to identify. I will always act in partnership with you with honesty, empathy, and respect.

Purpose & Meaning

I believe that everybody has the right and ability to have a happy and fulfilling career. I use my experience and knowledge to support you to achieve this. I advocate for this right, even when you're not a client of ours.


I believe it is possible to have a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling career without jeopardising our personal lives or burning out. I believe that it is possible to be energised, motivated and productive for your entire career.

My Commitment

My commitment is that you leave my programs with increased career clarity, energy and enthusiasm in your career, while improving performance and overall wellbeing. You’re inspired and inspiring. 

My mission is to help you get on your path, and elevate your career performance, fulfillment and wellbeing.

When your career is aligned with your higher purpose your inner genius is unlocked!

My Mission

I'm here to help you elevate your career

As an Engagement and Career Coach, I specialise in working with people to help them elevate their career success & enjoyment while optimising their wellbeing.  After more than 30 years’ experience in the recruitment, career transition and career coaching industries I have supported thousands of people through all phases of their career to step up & embed strategies which enable healthy, sustainable high performance.

My belief is that a career should add to your life, not detract from it, making it essential to align your career with your passion & purpose. I also help people get clear on their value proposition because when you know how you add value, you are valuable.

My process helps clients take an honest look at what’s working and not working in their career and to have a wake up call before they actually have a wake up call! The process is very empowering as I help clients uncover and clear patterns that could be preventing them from reaching their potential, and work with their mindset so that they can have the career that’s congruent with who they are.

My mission is to elevate the performance and enjoyment for people in their career so they can achieve their goals in a sustainable way & have the clarity of thought that keeps them ahead of the competition and achieve the rewards they desire.

My Value Proposition as a Coach

  • Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Tad James Company
  • Master Coach in Neuro Limbic Conditioning (NLC)
  • WomanSpeak Circle Leader
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Qualified Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Cadence Health & Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Accredited in the use of GLWS (Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey), Eek & Sense
  • Bachelor of Business Degree
  • Qualified Trainer
  • Qualified by experience – I’ve partnered with Boards, CEOs, Executives and individuals across a range of sectors to gain a strong understanding of what the expectations and challenges are to achieving a successful career
  • Qualified by life – learning and growth occur by overcoming challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve experienced my fair share of both and continue to be curious to learn more!