Join The Career Detox
6 Week Challenge

Clear out the unwanted elements of your career, and clear a path for what you truly want.

Is your career making you feel tired, frustrated, or you feel like you’re drifting along, or running on empty, and you don’t want next year to be more of the same?

Now’s the time to put something in your future that will break that pattern, and change your career, your life, and your wellbeing.

Join me in my Career Detox 6 Week Challenge and we’ll take a deep dive into releasing what’s blocking you from having the career you want, how to look for the signs to see what needs changing, and get clear on how to revive your career.




We’ll take a look at your career in a way you never have before!

Are You Sick Of:

  • being on the career treadmill
  • running on empty
  • not feeling inspired in your career anymore
  • not achieving the success you want.

You're not alone

Imagine having

  • renewed excitement and energy in your career
  • a way to avoid career burnout
  • a feeling of empowerment in your career again
  • confidence that you have a prescription for a healthy career moving forward, and
  • an opportunity to create a new future
  • your career spark back and being on top of your game
  • nothing holding you back.

If you're finally ready to take action and make the magic happen, the join the ...

Career Detox
6 Week Challenge


And clear a path for a new future!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

  • 6 x weekly online group sessions: where you will be guided through various lessons and have an opportunity for Q&A
  • Access to my Breaking Past Patterns Online Module (valued at $249)
  • Resources: Exercises, tools and self assessments

Investment: $499.00 plus GST

(total value: $1,800)

The Curriculum

Here’s what we will work on together in the Career Detox 6 Week Challenge:

week 1


Your thoughts create your reality. How is your mindset/way of thinking holding you back from taking inspired action and keeping you stuck? What new mindset would be helpful to move you forward?  

week 2


When we stop paying attention consciously, our subconscious takes over and talks to us through our body. What is your body telling you about your career, and how is your career impacting your body?

week 3


How to identify what you truly care about and then align your career so you have more meaning and purpose in your life and career.

week 4


What emotions are getting triggered in your career, and are getting in the way of you seeing things clearly?

Week 5


What energises or de-energises you in your current environment? What is within your control to change?

Week 6

Abundance Blocks

What are the limiting beliefs you have about yourself or success that are getting in your way, and what do we do about them?

When & Where:

  • Monday nights commencing 10th January –  21st February 2023 (I know that’s 7 weeks, but I’m giving you a night off for Valentine’s Day)

  • 7pm – 8pm

  • from the comfort of your own home (via zoom)