You are currently viewing Do You Have A Career Risk Management Strategy?

When I finish a coaching program with someone where the focus has been on helping them overcome challenges and perhaps move forward into a new role, I always check in at the end of the program to help them embed a strategy to help them avoid career risks in the future. Trust me, I’ve learnt a few of these myself the hard way!

Here’s my checklist of the key areas to check in on:

  1. checking in once a year to ensure your career is enabling your values (otherwise this leads to self sabotage)
  2. making sure you continue to learn and grow (if we’re not learning and growing, we’re declining, or at the least comfortable, which is dangerous)
  3. check that you are sharing your ideas and opinions, otherwise this is the start of shutting down who you are
  4. identify people you trust have your best interests at heart to check your thinking with
  5. how can you utilise your network to keep you accountable?
  6. proactively set up meetings with your Manager at the 3, 6 and 12 month mark to make sure expectations are being met
  7. whenever something doesn’t go according to plan, stop and look at what learnings you need to get from the experience (when you get the lesson, the lesson disappears)
  8. keep an eye on future trends that may impact your organisation and your job and develop skills that help you contribute and are adding value
  9. make sure you continue to challenge yourself (it’s better to choose your challenges, rather than have challenges land on your path)
  10. keep asking yourself “what problems am I solving”, because every job exists to help solve a problem. If you’re not solving a problem then it’s a sign your job is at risk.

So if you need to stop and learn some lessons from past challenges, either reach out to a friend who has great insight, or a career coach …. I know a good one here.