Elevate Career Program

You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it!

Do you need an external sounding board to help you navigate something in your career, or help you walk the path into a new role?

Hello frustrated career professional. 

You’ve landed here because you want to make a change in your career. Either things aren’t working how you’d like them to and you want to take the opportunity to get a fresh perspective and a different outcome. Or you’re looking to make a change and want to make sure it’s the right move!

Which is why I’ve created the Elevate Career Program, a customisable approach to assess, adjust and transform your career, and get you on your path.

Take a step back from your career, reflect on your journey so far, and identify what you do and don’t want, or discover areas where you may need to make changes or adjustments to achieve your career goals.

Are you:

  • wondering what direction to take your career in next
  • wondering why the same challenges keep showing up in your career
  • experiencing challenge after challenge and feeling like you don’t have any control
  • missing out on opportunities
  • feeling like you’re on the career treadmill or experiencing ground hog day, or
  • spending so much time and energy trying to work through situations on your own, without getting the results you want.

If you’re looking for a different outcome, let me partner with you.

By investing in your career, you can gain clarity and focus, identify areas for growth and development, and make strategic decisions about your next steps.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar:

  • not achieving outcomes you want
  • feel unappreciated & undervalued
  • feeling stuck or like your motivation has plateaued 
  • you’re wondering if you’re in the right job anymore
  • there’s something holding you back, getting in your way of the success you know you can achieve
  • you want to elevate your  performance and know you can achieve better results but something’s holding you back
  • you have a wide skillset, but don’t know which direction to head 
  • you don’t want to have an unpleasant career ‘wake-up’ call!

You're not alone


  • feeling a strong values alignment in your career and knowing you’re on your path
  • identifying why challenges are presenting themselves, and what they are there to teach you
  • knowing how to engage and inspire others you work with 
  • being in a career that optimises your success, fulfilment and wellbeing
  • unlocking your authentic leadership style and having others want to work with you
  • feeling truly successful in all areas of your life.
I engaged Ruth's Coaching Services to help set me up for success in my new role. I'd strategically positioned myself in a more senior role, and wanted an external sounding board to check my thinking in the early stages, and to ensure I was on the right track. I knew the first 6 months would be critical to establish relationships and get some runs on the board. I wanted to give myself every opportunity to kick goals in my new role. What I found valuable was Ruth's ability to help me get a clear perspective and have the confidence to step up into that slightly more senior role and to contribute strategically. Ruth helped me overcome any mindset obstacles that cropped up while I was feeling a little out of my comfort zone
Martin, CFO

If you want to be at the ‘cause’ and not the ‘effect’ of your career and reach your full potential I have something for you. ... Introducing THE…

Elevate Career Program

This program allows you to take a step out of your career and see what’s truly going on, and then step back in empowered and successful.  By staying attuned to your needs and aspirations, you can ensure that your career stays on track and remains fulfilling and meaningful.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

  • 4 x 1:1  highly productive coaching sessions : either face to face, via zoom or a combination of both, tailored to help you achieve your personal career goals
  • Online Program: have access to the online Career Clarity Program which will take you through 4 modules on: It All Starts With Clarity, Discover Your Career DNA, Breaking Past Patterns, Make It Happen
  • My Book: Career Awakening – How To Align Your Career With Your Soul Purpose
  • Resources: various coaching tools and prescribed activities for you to complete between sessions to embed the learnings
  • Tips: from a career expert with 30 years’  experience


Bonus One: How To Get Free From Imposter Syndrome

Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s real for many people, especially when people start to make changes in their career. 

Bonus Two: Your Career Risk Management Strategy

I’m so certain you will find your dream job, I’m giving you my tips on how to successfully set yourself up for success in your career.

Bonus Three: How To Optimise LinkedIn

This is so important. As a recruiter, I still search LinkedIn to find candidates and check them out and how active they are. It’s an essential part of your branding to the market. Learn the essentials.

INVESTMENT: $2,500.00 plus GST if paid upfront (or payment plan available).

(Valued at over $3,100)

Here’s some of the areas we may cover in your Elevate Career Program:

Understanding Your Career DNA

Identifying your values and how to ensure your career is aligned to optimise your success, satisfaction and wellbeing and prevent self-sabotage. We’ll get clear on your values, value proposition and career DNA.

Clearing Career Blocks

We all have career blind spots, so we’re going to take a look at the patterns that are showing up in your career and learn the lessons so they no longer need to be repeated, or show up in your next job. 

Wellbeing Strategies to Power Your Career

When we ignore the signs, our subconscious takes over and tries to get our attention through the body. It’s critical to take time out and see what our body is telling us about our career – before we have a real wake-up call!

Creating Your New Reality

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. We take a look at what’s showing up in your environment and what it’s reflecting back to you, and how to change your reality.

Making It Happen

You’ll have an experienced Recruiter by your side to help you target the right jobs for you, get market ready and uncover the hidden jobs.

This is for people who

  • are self aware to know that something’s not working as well as it could and want it to change
  • are coachable
  • want to regain empowerment in their career
  • are prepared to take time to do the work
  • want to create a new future for themselves. 

This is not for people who

  • are playing the blame game – “it’s my manager, my job, the culture”
  • aren’t coachable 
  • aren’t open to looking at things from a new perspective or taking different action
  • are happy staying comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can reach out and ask me a question here

A: Look out for a confirmation email with instructions on how to book in your first session. If you can’t find it, check your spam. If you still can’t find the confirmation email drop me a message on the contact page.


A: This program has been developed using over 30 years executive recruitment and career coaching experience (as well as my personal experience). But what makes this unique is the incorporation of targeted tools and processes to help identify and remove limited beliefs, which is a big part of why people stay stuck, can’t get clear, and feel uncertain. It helps you tune into you while also providing you with the practical career know how, as well as helping you create a mindset that will have you achieving your goals.

A: As with any coaching, you need to be committed and see it through to the end to see changes. There is no refund for this program, however if you do not get the results we agree on in session 1, and sessions have been conducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis, an extra session will be offered.