Career Bootcamp


Get your career in shape, join me in my exclusive 13 week program

We’ll take a look at your career in a way you never have before!

Could your career do with a little tune up, or does it need complete resuscitation? 

Has your motivation or performance plateaued and you’re left wondering why, and what to do about it. Or perhaps you want to make a change, but it’s been a while since you were in the job market and would like some guidance to go the distance! Having pushed through so much in the past few years, this might be the first time you’re coming up for air and starting to reassess what you really want.

Join me in my Career Bootcamp  to get your career in shape and on track. We’ll be working closely in a small group of no more than 10 participants, so that everyone gets the attention and support they need to make sure they achieve the outcomes they’re looking for. 

I’ll help you to revive your career, so you can achieve success and fulfilment in a sustainable way, in a career that will have a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

Have You Had Enough Of:

  • being on the career treadmill;
  • running on empty;
  • not feeling valued or inspired in your career anymore;
  • not achieving the success you want;
  • always being exhausted.

You're not alone

Imagine having

  • renewed excitement and energy in your career
  • a way to avoid career burnout
  • a feeling of empowerment in your career again
  • confidence that you know how to navigate career decisions
  • an opportunity to create a new future
  • your career spark back and being on top of your game
  • nothing holding you back.

If you're finally ready to take action and make the magic happen, the join the ...

Career Bootcamp
13 Week Program

And get your career in great shape!

What you will get:

  • 13 x weekly 1 hour online sessions: where you will be guided through various topics and have an opportunity for Q&A
  • Access to my online Purpose Program (valued at $895)
  • Resources: Exercises, tools and self assessments

Investment: $995 plus GST

(total value over: $4,500)

The Curriculum

Here’s a taste of what we will work on together in the Career Bootcamp:

Find Your Path

You’ll get the clarity and alignment you’re looking for that will give you more meaning and purpose in your life, and help you make the right career decisions. When your career is aligned and congruent, it opens up another level of performance and fulfilment.

Discover your Unique Value Proposition

If you don’t recognise your value, how is anyone else going to see it?

Know your value, where you add value, and how to feel valued.

Have a Career Awakening

Recognising wake-up calls in your career and how to take action before you have a wake-up call.

Uncover your Career Blindspots

I often used to say “Something’s getting in my way of going after what I want but I didn’t know what it is.” 

Discover what’s getting in the way of you having the success and fulfilment you’re looking for, and learn how to release what’s blocking your path.

How To Use the Laws Of Attraction In Your Career

We’ll look at how to program the mind to attract what you want, and I’ll share the secret tool that worked for me in manifesting the job I wanted within 2 weeks!

Develop Your Career Toolkit

Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 27 years, I know what stands out. I’ll share my tips and templates.


You’d be surprised how many people have this, even people who appear highly successful. I’ll help you find evidence to the contrary and upgrade your thinking.

How to Be Your Authentic Self in Your Career

Step into the person you are here to become. Every life experience has shaped you into the person you are for a reason. Don’t hide yourself at work, learn how to embody your gifts and talents once again.

When & Where:

  • Wednesday nights commencing 26th April 

  • 7pm – 8pm (Adelaide time)

  • from the comfort of your own home (via zoom)