How would you like help from a former recruiter to get your next job!

What if you could have your own Career Coach by your side to help you navigate the path to getting your next job?

Do you feel like you’ve applied for 100 jobs, and aren’t getting any interviews?


Are you getting interviews, but not making it any further?

It might be time to try something different!

How would you like to have an experienced Recruitment Consultant by your side to guide you each step of the way?

It might be that your resume or cover letter just aren’t cutting through the competition, or you might need to review your job search strategy. Or perhaps you want to know how to prepare for interview questions and walk in with confidence.


You're not alone


Ruth Morgan - Creating Healthy Careers
  • applying for fewer roles and achieving more interviews
  • walking out of interviews feeling like you’ve put your best foot forward
  • having your own formula to easily tailor each application, without spending hours at the computer
  • your own personal career coach to guide you and help you see each step of the way, and keep you on track
  • a sense of renewed confidence that you do have some control over your job search.
“Doing this deliberate work gave me the right level of confidence and I attracted a role that ticks all of the boxes for me. I didn’t think this would happen as quickly as it did but it was like all the stars were aligned and magic happened.”
Karen, People & Culture Lead

If you want to optimise each application and turn your results around, this is for you, the …

Get That Job Program

Here’s What’s Included

What you will get:

Online Program: in the Career Clarity online program you will be guided through various videos and exercises and given templates to help you gain career clarity, overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, through to how to prepare your resume, cover letter, and how to prepare for interviews. 

1 x 1:1 1 hour career coaching sessions with your Career Expert covering topics of your choice (via Zoom or Teams)

Resources: Exercises, tools and templates 

Tips: from a Recruiter & Career Coach with 30 years’ experience

Investment: $995.00 plus GST


1 x One to One Personal Career Coaching Sessions

You get to prioritise what we cover in these sessions. It might be to help you put together your resume and cover letter, to strategise the stepping stones to pivot your career, or an opportunity to have a mock interview.


Make It Happen

Developing your career tool kit

Develop a resume and cover letter that will cut through the competition and get you an interview for the job you want. Create a compelling online personal brand that will have the best recruiters head hunting you.

Job Search Strategies – How to tap into the hidden job market

Discover the five key job search strategies top recruiters use to place their key candidates every time, and how to stay organised by tracking your applications.

Bullet proof your interview

Connect with your inner power to excel, even under the most gruelling interview conditions, without breaking a sweat. Discover practical processes guaranteed to make you feel confident when you’re interviewed for your dream (but soon to be very real).

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This program has been designed to equip you with all the info, strategies and tools so that you can be your own ultimate recruiter and find your dream job, wherever you’re located globally. If you’d like tailored assistance to help you land that job, you can email me here. I’d love to hear from you!.

A: Sometimes, that dream job may be two stepping stones away. You might need to gain a specialised skill or qualification first. This program will give you the clarity to know exactly which steps you need to take so that you can work out a path to your dream job.


A: No one person has all the answers, but this program will show you how to get them. If you’d like more personalised career coaching, I’d love to hear from you! Email me here and let me know how I can help you best.

A: You can reach out and ask me a question here.

A: Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to set up your login details. Once you’ve completed setting up your account you’ll be automatically directed to the online portal which will give you access to the whole program.

A: Look out for a confirmation email with instructions on what to do next to set up your login. If you can’t find it, check your spam. If you still can’t find the confirmation email drop me a message on the contact page.

A: This program has been developed using over 27 years executive recruitment industry experience. But what makes this unique is the incorporation of targeted tools and processes to help identify and remove limited beliefs, which is a big part of why people stay stuck, can’t get clear, and feel uncertain. It helps you tune into you while also providing you with the practical career know how, as well as helping you create a mindset that will have you achieving your goals.

A: Absolutely. Simply email me the completed exercises from the program to demonstrate that you have followed the process within 30 days from purchase date