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There is growing recognition that there’s a strong connection between health and wellbeing and productivity at work.

At a time when organisations are cutting to the bone, companies such as IBM and Westpac still see the importance of investing in wellbeing programs for their staff. Why? Because it contributes to greater productivity, engagement and sustainable careers, therefore they retain their high achievers.

So if you’re feeling flat at work, try working out!

I realised seven years ago that there is a strong connection between building physical and mental strength. When I push myself at the gym, it pushes me mentally. When I push myself in one area of my life it cascades into others.

So, how do you go about integrating sustainable change?

The last thing anyone wants to hear when they’re trying to make changes in their life is “things don’t happen quickly. It takes a long time to achieve change.” Although this is absolutely true, it is neither encouraging nor useful when you are in the first phase of your journey.
A more helpful realisation is to notice that change is achieved by taking one step at a time, one day at a time. I know, another platitude, but when you implement one new behaviour, no matter how small, it does have a ripple effect.  It either has an immediate impact on another behaviour or another area of your life. It all starts with taking one step in the right direction, and then another. When it comes to building long term, sustainable change it’s more effective to implement just a couple of changes at a time, normalise those, then bring in another level of change, normalise that, then do it again and again.

Mind over matter

When you start to push yourself physically, there will initially be some mental resistance (and a lot of whingeing). You are pushing yourself beyond the restraints of your mind, and each time you will be able to go further and further, expanding your comfort zone. This state of mind will also expand into your career. You may find yourself taking more risks, and daring to do things you have hesitated to do in the past.

People who push the boundaries in the gym often have strong self discipline, are able to set goals and map out a strategy to achieve them. All essential skills to be successful at work.

Make a change in one area of your life, and see how it impacts your career!

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