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I Almost Let The Fear Of Judgement Stop Me From Starting My Business

Getting clarity around your career purpose is one thing, but having the courage to then pursue it is another. This is typically when all our limiting beliefs start rising to the surface to stop us taking action, keep us safe …. and keep us playing it small.

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and opinions that we see as the absolute truth, and they are never more dangerous than when someone other than us triggers them.

Let me take you back to 2018, when I started to get a vision about what could be.

I’d reached that point of frustration with myself and finally decided to do something about it. I took myself off to a 3 day seminar to break through what had been holding me back. On day 2,  a values exercise helped me discover my top values: careers, health, and growth. In that instant, a feeling of excitement ran through my body. I finally had the clarity I was searching for and felt inspired to take action. After about 5 minutes of pondering my values, I came up with the business name Creating Healthy Careers. I saw the connection with what I’d been focused on throughout my life, how I help people and what truly lit me up. Then, it hit me. How could I promote the value of health after putting on weight the past few years and not feeling good about my own health?

I’d been training with bodybuilding coaches towards the goal of competing. I’d always loved doing weights and how it strengthened the mind and the body, providing me with focus. However, I’d hit some hormonal hurdles, and the weight stopped falling off and gradually crept on instead.  I had gained about 15kgs over the past 3 years, and I didn’t think I was the picture of health, certainly not as healthy as I had been. I felt that on the outside, I was no longer congruent with one of my top values anymore – health. My doubts and fears were reinforced when I attended a training seminar in Melbourne with other business owners.  By way of introduction, we broke off into small groups and wrote our business name and three brief bullet points about our business on a piece of paper. Then we pitched to the group and received written feedback. As I opened one piece of feedback, I came across a comment that cut me to the core:

Surely you should reflect your brand!”.

We returned to our seats and I sat there for the next 10 minutes doing a bad job of holding the tears back, until the facilitator stopped his presentation and addressed what was going on, in front of the whole group. Once again, it was painful but true, and a lesson I won’t forget. He said that the comment impacted me because I felt it rang true for me! Even as I write this, it stirs up some of those feelings (note to self to do some further digging and clearing – there are so many layers to work through and life keeps bringing us opportunities to do the work).

Did I let this mortifying experience stop me though?  No. I knew that the limiting belief I held could have derailed my dream, but I was fed up with letting things stop me.  I recently got even further perspective on this experience that has turned my thoughts around from wanting to hide, to being proud to be an example to others by not letting your limiting thoughts hold you back.  This is the power of perspective! What I have come to realise and appreciate is that I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I had lost the weight before starting my business, otherwise I’d probably still be waiting. I wouldn’t have helped all the people I’ve helped if I hadn’t stepped out and taken a risk. Not only that but I doubt that I would have ever started my business because the longer you procrastinate, the further away your dream gets. Four years in now, and I’m still on a journey to learn whatever lesson I need to from holding onto some extra weight.

Perhaps it’s acceptance.

Perhaps it’s self-love.

Perhaps it’s to focus my thoughts on what I do want, and not what I don’t want.

Perhaps it’s to be a role model and give others permission to do whatever they want without making excuses and holding themselves back.

Whatever it is, I want this to serve as a message to those of you who think “I’ll start when [I’m more confident, thinner, more successful,… insert limiting thought here]” .

So get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back.

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