Make It Happen

What if you could drastically increase your chances of securing your dream job?

Hello Dear Job Seeker.

I know why you’re here. I know because you’ve told me you’ve been applying for so many jobs but not getting any interviews or having any luck!

Which is why I’ve created the Make It Happen Quick Start Program, so you can have access to all the tips and tricks directly from a career Recruiter.

I know you’re sick of:

  • applying for jobs week after week 
  • experiencing brain fog at interview
  • getting mixed advice about how to prepare a resume
  • constantly scanning the job ads

Just to:

  • receive rejection email after rejection email
  • finally get an interview for that job you want, but not deliver
  • use the same resume for every job you apply for and wonder why you’re not getting results
  • find out that your dream job was filled without even being advertised!

I know you’re done with:

  • recruitment agencies
  • Seek
  • LinkedIn
  • interviews.

You, my frustrated job seeker, are in the right place!

Does this sound like you?

  • frustrated 
  • ready to give up
  • feeling like you’ll never have any success 
  • wondering where to go to get help!

You're not alone

Imagine having

  • increased success in applying for jobs
  • a resume and cover letter that stands out from the crowd and getting more interviews
  • an interview for your dream job where you walk out feeling confident you’ve done well
  • a phone call from one of your network telling you they know someone who’s looking for someone just like you and haven’t advertised the position
  • confidence when you walk into an interview and finding yourself actually enjoying the experience.
Ruth has proven to be thorough, genuine, and a wealth of useful information. Together, we worked through my passions, goals and values to narrow down a career path by design verses necessity. I found Ruth to manage and direct positive discussions to evoke self-worth and fulfillment while guiding the conversation through some difficult questions to address reoccurring patterns of behavior. I now confidently apply for positions that are congruent with my values while balanced by my strengths. Ruth's knowledge and experience within the recruitment industry along with her undeniable talent to prove a holistic, individualised approach to "Creating a healthy career", has made it an extremely valuable experience.
Mel, Real Estate Professional

If you want have a greater success rate with your applications, this is the program for you. Introducing The…

Make It Happen

Quick Start Program

The Online Program that will help you get your job hunting toolkit together so you’ll have a Resume that gets you the interview, and then interview with impact.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

    • 3 x online modules: you will be guided through various videos where I talk you through a range of exercises to help you get market ready and put your best foot forward.
    • 7 x Resources: Exercises, tools and self assessments
    • TemplatesMy simple but highly effective resume and cover letter template
      (engaging NLP principles)
    • Tips: from a Recruiter & Career Coach with 30 years’ experience


    Bonus: How To Optimise LinkedIn

    This is so important. As a recruiter, I still search LinkedIn to find candidates and check them out and how active they are. It’s an essential part of your branding to the market. Learn the essentials.

    Investment: $249.00 plus GST

The Curriculum

Here’s what we will work on together in the Make It Happen Program:

lesson 1

Developing your career tool kit

Develop a resume and cover letter that will cut through the competition and get you an interview for the job you want. Create a compelling online personal brand that will have the best recruiters head hunting you.

lesson 2

Job Search Strategies - How to tap into the hidden job market

Discover the five key job search strategies top recruiters use to place candidates every time, and how to stay organised by tracking your applications.

Lesson 3

Bullet proof your interview

Connect with your inner power to excel, even under the most gruelling interview conditions, without breaking a sweat. Discover practical processes guaranteed to make you feel confident when you’re interviewed for your dream (but soon to be very real) job.

This is for people who…

  • are open to learning and trying something new
  • are happy to invest the time to prepare themselves and tailor their applications
  • want to take a different approach than they have been

This is not for people who…

  • are looking for someone to find them a job
  • aren’t open to doing the work
  • aren’t ready to take action

Can you believe there is more?

In addition to all the above inclusions, I’m going to share this amazing bonus


How To Optimise LinkedIn

This is so important. As a recruiter, I still search LinkedIn to find candidates and check them out and how active they are. It’s an essential part of your branding to the market. Learn the essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This program has been designed to equip you with all the info., strategies and tools so that you can be your own ultimate recruiter and find your dream job, wherever you’re located globally. If you’d like tailored assistance to help you land that job, you can email me here I’d love to hear from you!

A: No one person has all the answers, but this program will show you how to get them. If you’d like more personalised career coaching, I’d love to hear from you! Email me here and let me know how I can help you best.

A: Sometimes, that dream job may be two stepping stones away. You might need to gain a specialised skill or qualification first. This program will give you the clarity to know exactly which steps you need to take so that you can work out a path to your dream job.

A: I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t gained more clarity from going through this process! If you’re patient, trust the process, and give 100 percent of yourself as you do the work, I’m certain you’ll find the clarity you’re looking for. If you need support at any stage of the journey, you can jump onto Facebook and get some great tips from your fellow career clarity seekers!

A: You can reach out on Facebook and ask me a question (tag me, Ruth Morgan), or email me at here

A: Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to set up your login details. Once you’ve completed setting up your account you’ll be automatically directed to the online portal which will give you access to the whole program.

A: Look out for a confirmation email with instructions on what to do next to set up your login. If you can’t find it, check your spam. If you still can’t find the confirmation email, you can email me.

A: Absolutely. Simply email me the completed exercises from the program to demonstrate that you have followed the process within 30 days from purchase date.