If you have an employee whose position has been made redundant, you want to know they will be in good hands. The priority is to help them navigate and manage their emotional state, look after their wellbeing, and feel like they have some control over moving forward and creating a future while coming through the whole process feeling valuable and ready to add value.

Our programs combine the following:

  • Emotional balancing techniques to help them manage their emotions in a healthy way
  • Mindset tools to get them focused on moving forward and not living in the past
  • Highly effective job search tools to equip them with an effective CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and job search strategies to navigate the market
  • Expertise & support from a career coach with over 30 years experience across outplacement, recruitment and career coaching, puts your people in the hands of an outplacement expert. 
  • Having conducted over 10,000 interviews I provide unique insights to help people prepare and present with impact at interview.

Alternatively, you may have a valued employee who is at a cross roads. Their performance has been plateauing and no matter what they do, it’s not improving. Your objective is to either have an engaged, contributing team member, or for them to come to the realisation that they want something different, whether it be within your organisation, or outside.
These coaching sessions leave the participant feeling re-energised in their career and equip them with the clarity and decision making tools to make the right decision for both them and you.