What if your outplacement process could be empowering for your employee?

What if they could learn from this wake-up call in their life and actually get support to get back on their path, and know how to navigate their future career?

Hello, HR Professional. 

I know you want to provide your staff with a career transition experience that helps them to move on in a respectful way and doesn’t erode the culture of your remaining workforce.

This is why I love assisting organisations successfully support their staff through the Outplacement and Career Transition process. 

Our program is not only designed to help people navigate the job market and find the right fit for them, but to set them up with the tools to successfully manage their career for life. With our transformative approach, they’ll gain the tools and resources they need to succeed in their job search and enter the job market with confidence. 

Do you want to be free from:

  • carrying the emotional burden alone
  • wondering if your staff will be alright as a result of a redundancy 
  • worrying if your staff will bounce back from this setback in their career and successfully navigate their way into new employment 
  • having to watch your back so that a disgruntled employee won’t take industrial action
  • a redundancy having a negative ripple effect on the rest of your workforce?

Then you’re in the right place.

Imagine Having

  • peace of mind that anybody you need to exit from the organisation will be treated with respect and know that it will ultimately be a transformative experience for them
  • more time to direct your energy to more positive HR projects rather than be focused on risk management 
  • a more loyal workforce because people know that whatever life throws at them, they will be supported
  • confidence that your former employee will look back in 6-12 months and truly value the support you’ve given them.

Your people are in good hands. 

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“I’m so grateful I had Ruth’s help. I always wanted to do something different, and now I have the confidence to do a course that will help me move my career in a new direction.”
Tanya, Business Development Manager
“This was my second redundancy so I wanted to take some time to explore “is it me?”. Ruth’s insight was fabulous to help me see what lessons I needed to learn from this experience so that it doesn’t keep happening. I’ve now secured a new job and am excited to start a new path.”
Georgia, Learning & Development Professional
“Ruth seemed to genuinely care and be interested in helping me. In between our sessions, she would answer any questions I had and even let me know about jobs she thought I’d be suited to.”
Michelle, Customer Service Officer

Outplacement Services

The outplacement process that helps your staff move on emotionally and respectfully and move forward and get their life back on track faster. This process delivers the best result for you, and them.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

  • Program Options: your choice of a 1 or 3 month program for your employee
  • Initial Meeting: a briefing with your organisation to gain an insight into what type of support the individual may need 
  • Present on of notification if required
  • 4 or 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to meet the individual’s needs
  • Weekly Check-In Calls: with the 3 month package, weekly phone check-ins to stay on track, strategise, and provide emotional support for the three months
  • Updates:  although participant confidentiality needs to be maintained, I will provide regular updates to give you an overview of how the participant is progressing in the program
  • Resources: participants gain access to a range of career coaching tools, assessments and templates
  • Report: a final report provided to the organisation to provide any feedback, recommendations and report program outcomes
  • Follow up: a check-in with participant 1 month after the program


1 Month Career Transition Coaching Package $3,000 +GST

3 Month Career Transition Coaching Package $5,000.00 +GST


Here’s what's included in a Career Transition Coaching Program:

  • A blend of career coaching, mindset coaching and wellbeing strategies
  • Managing the participant’s wellbeing & emotional state 
  • Developing a resilient mindset before approaching the market
  • Understanding how to manage wellbeing in the transition process & reduce the impact of stress
  • Career Clarity – what’s the path forward, aligning with values
  • Identify their value proposition and how to pitch themselves for roles
  • Getting market-ready –  CV, application letter, LinkedIn Profile & Referees
  • Job search networking strategies to tap into the hidden market
  • Working with Recruitment Agencies
  • How to interview with impact & confidence (using NLP anchoring techniques)
  • Accountability coach to keep them on track
  • Breaking through any limiting beliefs that are sabotaging their job search and holding them back.
  • Support from an outplacement expert with over 30 years’ experience across recruitment, outplacement and career coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Great question. From an organisational perspective the faster we can help someone move through the stages of grief (of which anger is one), and get the learnings for them out of the experience (the benefits), they are less likely to want to take any negative action against you, your people and the organisation. Quite often when someone’s position is made redundant, the rest of your staff are watching to see how that person is either ‘handled’ or supported. So this has a ripple effect on the remaining staff as well.

A: Firstly, that’s an amazing outcome for them, but secondly my programs are more than just helping them get another job. We want to set them up for success in that new job so that they learn from their past experience so that history doesn’t repeat itself. Emotional balancing work still needs to be done so that they can healthily move through any grieving process. The coaching element would also pick up how to successfully onboard themselves into the new role and develop their career risk management strategy.  

A: This is where it is highly beneficial for me to speak with them asap, ideally on the day they are notified. Quite often participants think outplacement is simply getting their resume done, and may feel theirs is fine (which often it isn’t). Once they hear the benefit to them, they’re in!