Love What you Do, Do What You Love

What if you could have your own Career Coach by your side to help you discover how to have more meaning and purpose in your career?

Don’t’ want to spend another day in a job you don’t love, and you want a sounding board who can help you discover what’s missing and how to find it!

The Purposeful Pathways Program is for you. A holistic approach to discovering, and getting on your path.

Is this your current reality:

  • dread going into work each day
  • feeling stuck and trapped by the ‘golden handcuffs’ 
  • being in a career that’s draining the energy out of you
  • doing the same thing you’ve always done because it’s the easy option?

Just to:

  • give you financial security and set you up for retirement
  • get by and pay the bills
  • stay in a secure job (or so you think)
  • play it safe and stay comfortable.

I know you’re done with:

  • all the Webinars promising you’re the earth and not delivering anything you didn’t already know
  • opinions from (well meaning) friends
  • applying for jobs and not having any success
  • doing what everyone else thinks you should do.

You, my frustrated career professional, are in the right place!

Does This Sound Like You

  • frustrated that all of your efforts aren’t giving you the answers
  • confused by all the misleading information out there
  • feeling stuck and trapped without any vision of what the future looks like
  • not in control of your career and that scares you
  • feeling like you’ve lost your spark

You're not alone

Imagine having

Ruth Morgan - Creating Healthy Careers
  • a career you love and achieving the success you deserve
  • your own personal formula to apply when making career decisions
  • clarity around what direction to take your career
  • your own personal career coach to guide you and help you see what you’re not seeing
  • energy left at the end of the day to enjoy time with your friends and family
  • a sense of fulfilment that you’re following your dream and are on your path
  • more meaning and purpose in your career, and your life
  • nothing holding you back!
Ruth has proven to be thorough, genuine, and a wealth of useful information. Together, we worked through my passions, goals and values to narrow down a career path by design verses necessity. I found Ruth to manage and direct positive discussions to evoke self-worth and fulfillment while guiding the conversation through some difficult questions to address reoccurring patterns of behavior. I now confidently apply for positions that are congruent with my values while balanced by my strengths. Ruth's knowledge and experience within the recruitment industry along with her undeniable talent to prove a holistic, individualised approach to "Creating a healthy career", has made it an extremely valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ruth and without a doubt, I confidently recommend her to assist You with "align your Profession with your Passion to create a life with Purpose".
Mel, Real Estate Professional

If you want to find your calling, I have something for you. Introducing …

The Purposeful Pathways Program

This program will take you beyond any other Career Coaching Program to help you see what your life has been showing you all along, and truly tune into your soul purpose

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

4 x online modules: you will be guided through various videos where I talk you through a range of exercises to help you identify and teach you how to find your dream job.  There are 12 self-paced lessons.

1 x 1:1 career coaching session with your Career Expert covering a topic of your choice (online session)

Resources: Exercises, tools and self assessments 

NLP techniques: to help you create your new future and anchor confidence for interviews

Templates: Resume and cover letter templates

Tips: from a Recruiter & Career Coach with 30 years’ experience

Investment: $ 1250.00 plus GST

The Curriculum

Here’s what your Purposeful Pathways Program will cover:

It All Starts With Clarity

Module 1

Lesson 1: Aligning your career with your top values

Who you are today is different to who you were five, 10, 20 years ago. Rediscover and reconnect with who you are and the things you love today, and get clear on your top three values in life. This process will help you connect with your emotional centre, which is an incredibly important step in helping you think more clearly.

Lesson 2: Know your value proposition

Get clear on what sets you apart and makes you high value. This technique will open your eyes to declare your value with authenticity and confidence, and have you knowing your worth.  Discover how your unique gifts can be used in many different ways across diverse industries. When you’re clear on your unique value, you can face any interview, promotion, negotiation or prospective client with ease and genuine confidence.

Lesson 3: Design your dream job

See it. Feel it. Attract it. Maybe you want to lead a health revolution, improve relationships, help people with their finances or be the CEO. Whatever it is, this is your time to create it. Learn how to bring about your ultimate job, one that you get to design from scratch. This is a powerful process, so be careful what you wish for!

Module 2

Discover Your Career DNA

Lesson 4: Joining the dots of your past

Your past holds vital clues to your future. Learn how to identify the invaluable lessons your life experiences have given you and why they make you the perfect candidate for the job.

 Lesson 5: Discovering your purpose

Prepare to dig deeper into your career DNA as you cut to the heart of your ‘why’ and what ignites you. Your life holds clues to what’s most important to you. Discover why your ‘why’ matters, and how to deliver it to the world better than anyone else can.

 Lesson 6: What’s your career sweet spot?

What’s your reason for being? And can you make a career out of it? That’s what you’re going to discover in this section. Find the sweet spot between your purpose and values, your unique natural gifts, and get paid to do what you love.

Module 3

Past Patterns

Lesson 7: What’s getting in the way?

Discover your career blind spots – the thoughts and beliefs getting in the way of your success and how they’ve impacted your previous jobs – and unearth the important lessons you need for your future career.  

Lesson 8: Reprogramming limiting beliefs

Activate your consciousness to bring about the reality you want, by stepping out of your brain’s filtering system and directing your outcomes in a purposeful and positive way.

Lesson 9: Create a new future

Master your innate power to turn your dream career into an imminent reality, using a proven neuro linguistic timeline technique. See it, believe it, create it!

Module 4

Make It Happen

Lesson 10: Developing your career tool kit

Develop a resume and cover letter that will cut through the competition and get you an interview for the job you want. Create a compelling online personal brand that will have the best recruiters head hunting you.

Lesson 11: Job Search Strategies – How to tap into the hidden job market

Discover the five key job search strategies top recruiters use to place their key candidates every time, and how to stay organised by tracking your applications.

Lesson 12: Bullet proof your interview

Connect with your inner power to excel, even under the most gruelling interview conditions, without breaking a sweat. Discover practical processes guaranteed to make you feel confident when you’re interviewed for your dream (but soon to be very real) job.


1 x One to One Personal Career Coaching Session

You get to prioritise what we cover in these sessions. It might be to help you nail your career purpose, to have a session to identify and reprogram your limiting belief that’s holding you back, to strategise the stepping stones to pivot your career, or an opportunity to have a mock interview.

This is for people who…

  • feel like something’s missing are truly seeking more meaning and purpose in their career
  • are ready and committed to making a change 
  • are open to take an honest look at what’s working and what’s not working in their career
  • know something needs to change but might not know what or how and are ready to learn.

This is not for people who…

  • are looking for someone to give them all the answers
  • aren’t open to doing the work
  • aren’t open to making a change
  • aren’t ready to take action
  • are comfortable and happy staying in their comfort zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This program has been designed to equip you with all the info, strategies and tools so that you can be your own ultimate recruiter and find your dream job, wherever you’re located globally. If you’d like tailored assistance to help you land that job, you can email me here. I’d love to hear from you!.

A: Sometimes, that dream job may be two stepping stones away. You might need to gain a specialised skill or qualification first. This program will give you the clarity to know exactly which steps you need to take so that you can work out a path to your dream job.


A: No one person has all the answers, but this program will show you how to get them. If you’d like more personalised career coaching, I’d love to hear from you! Email me here and let me know how I can help you best.

A: I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t gained more clarity from going through this process! If you’re patient, trust the process, and give 100 percent of yourself as you do the work, I’m certain you’ll find the clarity you’re looking for.

A: You can reach out and ask me a question here.

A: Once you’ve purchased the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to set up your login details. Once you’ve completed setting up your account you’ll be automatically directed to the online portal which will give you access to the whole program.

A: Look out for a confirmation email with instructions on what to do next to set up your login. If you can’t find it, check your spam. If you still can’t find the confirmation email drop me a message on the contact page.

A: This program has been developed using over 27 years executive recruitment industry experience. But what makes this unique is the incorporation of targeted tools and processes to help identify and remove limited beliefs, which is a big part of why people stay stuck, can’t get clear, and feel uncertain. It helps you tune into you while also providing you with the practical career know how, as well as helping you create a mindset that will have you achieving your goals.

A: Absolutely. Simply email me the completed exercises from the program to demonstrate that you have followed the process within 30 days from purchase date