What if you could make sure each recruit was the best fit for your business?

Recruit people who don’t need micro-managing, performance managing, and yet deliver outstanding results.

Hello, Hiring Manager. I know you need to ensure a better alignment and cultural fit with each person you recruit into your organisation without all the guesswork. 

Which is why I’ve created my values based recruitment services. 

I know you’ve had enough of: 

  • going through a lengthy recruitment process 
  • hiring someone who presented enthusiastically at interview
  • the time it takes to try and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong fit
  • the effort it takes to build and maintain your culture

to then find: 

  • the person isn’t enjoying the role and doesn’t last
  • once they’re in the role they’re not measuring up
  • you need to invest significant time in performance management
  • that one person can negatively impact the team dynamic because they’re not happy in their job.

I know you’re done with spending thousands of dollars on various services and testing to guarantee they’ll find you the right fit but still not getting it quite right!

You, my valued client, are in the right place!

Does this sound like you?

  • investing heavily both in terms of time and money to get this right
  • placing ads time and time again that attract the same candidates, or not the right ones
  • going through the steps to mitigate the risk of getting it wrong, only to find they don’t have the skills you need
  • frustrated with paying good money to recruiters but don’t feel like you’re getting a shortlist of candidates who will deliver what you need, or a level of confidence that they’re the right cultural fit
  • wanting to build a workforce of highly inspired, innovative individuals but don’t know how to build that into your recruitment process.

You're not alone

Imagine having

Ruth Morgan - Wellbeing
  • job ads that speak directly to someone’s motivation and alignment with the role
  • a recruitment process that helps you identify candidates who meet more than just the job criteria, but who’s truly passionate about what they do
  • a workforce of highly motivated people who are doing what they love each day – imagine the results!
  • more time to create and deliver because there’s less time needed for coaching or performance managing the “square pegs in a round hole”
  • a way of helping your unsuccessful internal candidates understand why they weren’t successful with an application, and help them to see what job will truly engage them
  • a great reputation and brand in the marketplace because of the recruitment experience people have with your organisation
  • a more resilient workforce.

It all starts with recruiting the right people!

Doing this deliberate work on myself gave me the right level of confidence and I attracted a role that ticks all of the boxes for me. I didn't think this would happen as quickly as it did but it was like all the stars were aligned and magic happened.
- Karen, Human Resources Professional

If you want to have a recruitment experience that ensures the right technical and cultural fit, I have something for you.

Introducing Values Aligned Recruitment

The recruitment process that attracts and assesses candidates, incorporating values to ensure the best result for you, and them, because when the candidate thrives so does the organisation.

Here’s Everything I Offer:

  • Advertisements that subtly speak to your ideal candidate so you attract the right people, right from the start
  • A shortlist of candidates who are passionate about the role on offer, and are not just using it as a stepping stone on their way to the next role in 12 months time
  • An understanding of what drives the person you are recruiting so you know how to get the best out of them and keep them engaged (and reduce turnover)
  • Another tool in your recruitment process to help you get it right and avoid the cost of getting it wrong.

INVESTMENT: Each package is customised to your recruiting need, contact me for a proposal

Here’s what’s covered in the Values Aligned Recruitment Package:

  • Client Briefing Meeting (discussing technical, cultural and values fit)
  • Advice on Advertising Strategy, draft values focused ad  (online & print*) *print advertising only if deemed necessary
  • Candidate Care – ad response & application confirmation, regular candidate updates
  • Proactively source (headhunt) candidates
  • Initial screening of Candidates
  • Interview longlist
  • Values assessment for shortlisted candidates
  • Present applicant reports to the client with recommendations & values identified
  • Prepare Interview Guide for client or panel interviews
  • Coordinate interviews
  • Facilitate Panel Interviews
  • Notify unsuccessful candidates
  • Undertake reference checks on preferred candidate/s
  • Qualification verification on final candidate
  • Facilitate salary negotiations
  • Regular check-in with client and candidate post-placement
  • 3 month replacement guarantee

Plus: Bonus: a 30 minute values coaching session to any unsuccessful internal candidates

This is for organisations that…

  • know that investing up front in the recruitment process will save time and money down the track
  • value and guard their organisational culture
  • are passionate about building an engaged, thriving workforce
  • are interested in finding an innovative approach to their recruitment process

This is not for organisations that…

  • Simply just want “a bum on a seat” 
  • Are after a transactional, “one size fits all” recruitment process

Frequently Asked Questions

A: That’s perfectly okay. This is more about identifying the candidate’s values to ensure there is an alignment with the job they are applying for. It will also be relatively straightforward to see if there is an alignment between their values and your industry/service. 

A: This is a highly beneficial process for individuals to go through, and will actually add value to them in going through the process. Even if they are not successful, they are likely to walk away having learnt something about themselves and have a positive impression of your organisation for valuing the right fit..

A: Firstly, if their values didn’t align, they will be provided with feedback that will give them some clarity (which is more than they typically get in other processes), and will be pleased with the experience. Secondly, it will be emphasised that this is just one of the steps in the process, not the deciding factor.

A: No, because the individual will do this test prior to their initial interview with me, so they will be eager to get it done and not delay their interview. It is only a 20 minute online assessment that they can do in their own time.