Any new appointment to your team, to your organisation, is a critical one. The cost of getting it wrong can be twice as expensive as the actual employment cost when you weigh up the flow on effect to the rest of your team, as well as your time to manage a square peg in a round hole.

A good recruiter is like an insurance policy and they are aware of some of the hidden risks to avoid. With 27 years in recruitment I have a strong track record of getting it right, not to mention I love staying in touch after the placement and seeing the smile on both my client’s faces.

Where an eternal recruiter can add value is:

  • candidate care – I have the time to invest in speaking to candidates following an advertisement, and keeping them updated throughout the process
  • finding passive candidates through applying search techniques, not to mention I have an extensive network to tap into
  • having independent career coaching conversations with candidates to help them determine if it’s the right job for them to apply to
  • problem solving – many bumps in the road can arise during a recruitment process and after 27 years, I’ve just about seen them all and can help strategise solutions.

If you’d like to explore our recruitments services before then, please contact Ruth on 0417 003 131 or email .