Elevate Me

Want to elevate, pivot or transform your career but not sure where to start? Or, are you finding the same patterns emerging and you’re not sure how to stop history repeating itself?

You can tailor a coaching program to deliver what you are looking for whether it’s:

  • how to get your career back on track and align your profession with your passion
  • gain confidence to reach for the job of your dreams and negotiate what you’re worth
  • how to pitch yourself in the marketplace
  • shape your resume to reflect your brand and your value proposition
  • interview preparation with a difference: clear the fear, anchor your confidence, and make your interview memorable.

Elevate Executive

Want to achieve success in a healthy, sustainable way and avoid career addiction and burnout?

  • 6 month 1:1 coaching program
  • undertake the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey to establish boundaries & strategies to reduce stress & strain on senior leaders
  • scoping session to tailor the agenda for your personalised program
  • implement techniques to enable clearer, faster decisions, have more energy & clarity of thought
  • identify your blind spots & short circuit patterns from the past that are holding you back and free you up to create a new future.

Career On-Boarding

Want to hit the ground running and make a difference sooner?

  • ​stop and recalibrate going into a new role
  • develop strategies for successful self-integration & transition
  • have an external, independent sounding board to check your thinking & blind spots
  • set yourself up for sustainable success.

Think of this as your career insurance policy.

Reenergising Workplaces

Is your workforce change fatigued?

  • create a culture that enhances collaboration, innovation & teamwork
  • build a sense of connection & purpose to improve engagement
  • incorporate the key pillars of career wellbeing to fuel your workforce for success
  • help your workforce build resilience so they avoid career fatigue.

Career Clarity Online Program

What’s your Career DNA?

In this self directed, online program I will walk you through how to identify and go after your dream job. The four modules take you through:

  • how to get clear on what you’re looking for and align your career with your values & value proposition
  • discovering your career DNA
  • finding your blind spots that stop you achieving the success you want
  • developing your job search tool kit (including tips from a recruiter).

It is a combination of practical career know how and mindset tools that help you gain the clarity and the confidence to take action.

Outplacement/Career Transition Services

If you have an employee whose position has been made redundant, you can trust they will be in good hands. The priority is to help them navigate them manage their emotional state, look after their wellbeing, identify what they want and how to get there and come through the whole process feeling valuable and ready to add value.

Our programs combine the following:

  • emotional balancing techniques to help them manage their emotions in a healthy way
  • mindset tools to get them focused on moving forward and not living in the past
  • highly effective job search tools to equip them with an effective CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile and job search strategies to navigate the market
  • 25 years of recruitment experience to help them prepare for a memorable and impressive interview.

Alternatively, you may have a valued employee who is at a cross roads. Their performance has been plateauing and no matter what they do, it’s not improving. Your objective is to either have an engaged, contributing team member, or for them to come to the realisation that they want something different, whether it be within your organisation, or outside. 
These coaching sessions leave the participant feeling re-energised in their career and equip them with the clarity and decision making tools to make the right decision for both them and you.

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