The Career Couch


Here’s a new solution to maintaining staff engagement & wellbeing.

How would you like your staff to have regular monthly access to career coaching on tap so they can stay engaged, inspired, manage their careers, and work though any challenges with an independent sounding board? Imagine the time that would free up for HR and your leadership team!!

Hello, HR Professional. 

We’ve all heard the statistics about how only 19% of the workforce is engaged in their jobs, which causes challenges for staff retention, productivity and workplace culture. Then there’s the increasing need to have initiatives in place that support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, all while trying to develop high performing teams. No wonder you’re exhausted!

How much time are you and your leadership spending on having career conversations (or not spending)! 

This is what I love to assist organisations and their people with – having career conversations that re-ignite their passion for what they do, so that they are intrinsically inspired and fulfilled, performance is elevated and people and organisations thrive!

So what is the Career Couch?

It’s like having your own in-house career coach on tap. It might be a day a week or a day a month when staff can book in for a confidential career conversation and coaching session to help get them back on track. Sessions can be conducted in-house or online to cater for people working from home, or who are geographically disbursed.

What range of issues can we help people with:

  • to navigate any challenges they may be having in their career and develop an action plan that has them feeling empowered again
  • to get in the driver’s seat of their career and assess where they want to go and what they need to do to get there
  •  develop strategies to improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • if their motivation has plateaued, to help them discover what is missing and what they need to do to get their career mojo back
  • how to be more successful in applying for internal positions
  • to achieve sustainable career success, fulfilment and wellbeing.

Or anything purpose, performance or wellbeing related when it comes to careers!

Imagine Having

  • peace of mind that your staff are in good hands and are well supported
  • more time to focus on other proactive HR projects rather than putting out fires
  • a more loyal workforce because people know that whatever life throws at them, they have the tools they need to navigate any challenge
  • a sense of peace that you are contributing to your workforce’s mental wellbeing.

Your people are in good hands. 

Let's have a chat

How Does It Work?

  • Initial Meeting: a briefing with you to gain an insight into what type of support you are looking for, the size of your workforce that you’d like the service being open to, and how regularly you would like your staff to have access
  • Support: the level of weekly or monthly support is agreed upon and then a quote can be provided
  • Updates:  although participant confidentiality needs to be maintained, I will provide regular updates to give you an overview of how people are engaging with the program, and if there are any trends emerging that you need to be aware of 
  • Resources: participants gain access to a range of career coaching tools, assessments and templates