Be Heard, Be Inspiring, Be You

What if you could speak from the heart to engage people with your message?

Be Lost For Words No Longer!

Hello fellow business woman,

Do you find  yourself holding back from sharing your ideas or perspective? Has this left you feeling like you’re not being your authentic self? You’re not alone, you’d be surprised how even those women who appear confident have a hidden fear holding them back.

Which is why I lead WomanSpeak Circles, to help women to transform fear, doubt and resistance to be able to share their voices with natural confidence and charisma.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • not being able to find the words when you need them
  • suppressing your voice at work and not sharing your ideas or a differing point of view
  • having fear and self-doubt around public speaking or speaking at a meeting
  • not being able to speak when you’re in a meeting, a conversation or when the spotlight is on you?

Not only can this be holding your career back, but supressing our voice has longer term physical and mental wellbeing impacts as well.

If the usual public speaking course isn’t for you, then I have something different, fun and empowering.

What’s not to love!

Does this sound like you?

  • holding back your career by holding back your voice, ideas and wisdom
  • frustrated that you’re not expressing yourself authentically at work
  • tired of suppressing part of yourself in order to fit in
  • disappointed that you’re not communicating confidently with clients and colleagues

You're not alone

Imagine having

  • the confidence to speak your truth and freely express your views
  • people listen to every word you express and inspired by your message
  • more influence
  • confidence to take up opportunities to present or speak on a panel
  • the ability to share your ideas and wisdom in a way that really makes a difference
  • the freedom to share your voice in any circumstance without being stuck for words
  • being clear on your message and what you stand for
  • the ability to transform your resistance around, or fear of, sharing your voice into freedom and natural confidence
Through WomanSpeak I've learned how to articulate myself on important matters and to have the confidence to speak in small and large groups.

If you want to speak confidently, connected and from the heart I have something for you. introducing...

WomanSpeak Circles

Circles are a safe space supporting women to become clear, confident and influential in speaking their truth.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

What you will get:

  • a 12 week intensive program supported by fellow business women: this transformational program is delivered in a highly supportive environment so you can’t help but shine. They are delivered through a combination of online and in person sessions. The first 6 weeks are focussed on clarifying and amplifying your message. The second 6 weeks focus on increasing your level of impact and influence.
  • Weekly 2 hour sessions: these sessions are conducted out of hours from 7pm – 9pm (Adelaide time) over the 12 weeks.
  • Online Resources: you will receive access to various training videos before each fortnightly session which will teach you different practices to develop along the way.
  • Members Manual: you will also receive a Members Manual emailed to you with content for each module. 

INVESTMENT: $1,995 + gst (including the $150 fee for the Members Manual)


Here are some of the topics we'll cover in your WomanSpeak Circle:

Sharing What you Believe

Getting clear on your WHY is absolutely crucial in drawing people to your message and your work.

The Change You Want To See In The World

What is the challenge is that you want to help transform in the world.

Sharing Your Most Powerful Ideas

We explore some of your most transformative ideas, the ones that can help people shift how they see the world.

Sharing Your ‘Diamond’ Insight

We explore how to get clear on the MOST important, impactful idea to share when you are speaking up in a meeting, a conversation, or giving a talk/presentation.

Leaving Your Legacy

We explore how to deliver a talk on the legacy you want to leave.

Speaking Up In Group Meetings

How to get clear on what you want to say so that it lands powerfully and to the point.

How To Tell An Epic Story

We are going to play with the art of using your body to enhance your storytelling. When telling a story, you don’t just want to tell it with your words.

The Art Of Speaking Spontaneously

Access your natural voice and the river of authenticity within you.

How To Enroll People In Your Vision

Increase your ability to lead transformation. Create a movement of people who want to help you create the change you know is possible.

This is for people who

  • identify as a woman or identify as non-binary
  • want to improve their effectiveness and communication
  • are open to stepping out of their comfort zone (but in a safe environment)
  • can listen to, and support, other women in what they have to say
  • can give uninterrupted and undivided attention for duration of the 2 hour sessions
  • will spend time out of session watching one or more videos with context for the theme and public speaking practice for that week
  • who want to hae fun while developing new skills

This is not for people who

  • are not prepared to step out of their comfort zone
  • think it’s a space to talk about anything and dominate the group
  • aren’t prepared to listen to other’s points of view or opinions
  • don’t want to engage fully
  • are not willing to provide feedback to other women in a way that inspires them to do their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Virtual, with possible live circles depending on the location of various group members. 

A: Check out my website for upcoming dates


A. Yes. Upon signing up you will first receive an email requesting you to sign a Terms & Conditions agreement with WomanSpeak. Once you acknowledge the agreement by checking the box, you will automatically be sent an email giving you your Members Manual for the Circle program that you have joined. We then provide the curriculum each month, including links to the 1-2 training videos that will be shown in class. All you have to do is follow the curriculum

A: Membership is on a monthly basis and can be canceled within 7 days of the next payment cycle. The 16 month commitment is for women who want to become a Certified WomanSpeak Speaker.

A: Each circle is up to 2 hours in duration (depending on group numbers) and two sessions are held each month.

A: Each payment is paid monthly via automated payment and can be canceled within 7 days of the next payment cycle