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7 Reasons You Should Seek A Career Transition In Your 40’s or 50’s

Many people think that it’s too late and there’s not much point seeking a career transition at that stage of life,  “It’s not long until retirement, perhaps I should just stay where I am”.

Ask yourself this question: Are you happy where you are, doing what you’re doing?

If the answer to that question is no, then, yes you should change. Here’s why:

You’re still 10, 15 or 20 years away from retirement, that’s a long time to compromise your happiness.

When you’re unhappy, it has a profound impact on your health, and you want to do everything you can to optimise your health at this time of life.

How you are at work has a flow on effect to the other areas of your life. If you’re not enjoying your work, it will start to erode your overall satisfaction in life.

How will you feel when you’re 65 and think “I wish I’d ……….”?

You’ve still got plenty of time to learn a new skill or get a new qualification.

As we mature, it’s so important to keep expanding the mind and challenging ourselves to keep neural pathways opening up and not contracting.

Our purpose in life is to keep growing, learning and expanding.

I could go on but I think that gives you the picture.

You’ve already accumulated a whole lot of knowledge, wisdom and skills, so you won’t be starting from scratch. Ideally you’ll be leveraging off of the years of experience you have, but just taking it down a new path. This means you won’t have to drop income considerably, possibly just in the short term. However, when you are in a career that aligns with your highest values, your performance is optimised, which may have the impact of increasing your earning potential!!!!

I started my own business at 50 and am so glad I did. Yes, I took a financial dip for the first 12 months but I figured if I was going to buy a business or a franchise, there would have been a certain period of time before I reached breakeven, and I made choices to set myself up for this phase without taking out a loan. I’m glad I didn’t wait until my mid 50’s or 60, because, to be honest,  it takes of lot of energy and mental resilience to start a business and build momentum, however that also comes down to the individual.

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