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My Purpose

Creating Healthy Careers is passionate about people thriving in their careers in a healthy, sustainable way. My goal is to change workplaces one person at a time, helping them find the career that taps into their inner genius so that they live with meaning and purpose, and achieve the success they desire so that they are energised for life! 

Healthy Careers for Individuals

How satisfied are you with your career at the moment?

Let this sink in for a moment – worldwide, only about 15% of people are satisfied with their jobs.

Our services include:

  • Career Clarity Online Course
  • Purpose Package
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Career Coaching
  • Career Onboarding
  • Interview Coaching
  • WomanSpeak – Speaking Confidently From The Heart

Healthy Growth for Organisations

Is your workforce change fatigued? Want new appointments to make a difference sooner and your workforce to achieve sustainable success?

Tailored programs and workshops are designed specifically to meet your objectives after initial consultation to ensure we share the same objective.

Services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Onboarding
  • Workplace Training
  • Talent Attraction & Selection
  • Career Transition & Outplacement
  • WomanSpeak (Delivering Your Message)

Book Your Free Telephone Consultion!

Reach out for a free 20 minute phone consultation to help you identify what’s going on in your career, and what’s a priority for you and see if coaching will be of value to you. Remember, we can’t change a problem with the same thinking that created it, so sometimes just one conversation with someone can make all the difference.

Latest Posts

Building Resilience

Building Resilience

‘Psychological resilience’ refers to the differences between  how people respond and cope with difficult or stressful situations and how they bounce back from a setback.

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When people thrive, organisations thrive.

My mission is to elevate the performance and enjoyment for people in their career so they can achieve their goals in a sustainable way & have the clarity of thought that keeps them ahead of the competition and achieve the rewards they desire.

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