Simon, Executive Officer

“I wasn’t clear about my professional ambitions or what the future held for me. I didn’t know what direction to take. I engaged Ruth because I wanted to be proactive about my next steps and needed expert guidance. Ruth went through a series of exercises that drew out my core values, defined what I truly enjoyed in life and what stimulated and motivated me. Her unique process opened my eyes and helped me define what I wanted to do with my career in the short, medium and long term. I had a clear plan. Since working with Ruth I successfully applied for a position that is in complete alignment with my interests and value proposition. Ruth’s guidance during my application and interview process, enabled me to clearly communicate my values and articulate how those values aligned with the company who now employ me.”

Justyna, CEO

Creating Healthy Careers helped sharpen my understanding about how our internal values system provides important guidance in our careers, and in fact, helps to shape them. It was an impactful experience to go through the program, directed by Ruth, and to articulate very clearly for myself the professional trajectory I want to be on. It gave me a greater sense of agency, confidence, and strategy. I would highly recommend this program for those seeking to take a deep dive into the ‘why’ of their work and the purpose they want it to reflect.”

Martin, CFO

“I engaged Ruth’s Coaching Services to help set me up for success in my new role. I’d strategically positioned myself in a more senior role, and wanted an external sounding board to check my thinking in the early stages, and to ensure I was on the right track. I knew the first 6 months would be critical to establish relationships and get some runs on the board. I wanted to give myself every opportunity to kick goals in my new role. What I found valuable was Ruth’s ability to help me get a clear perspective and have the confidence to step up into that slightly more senior role and to contribute strategically. Ruth helped me overcome any mindset obstacles that cropped up while I was feeling a little out of my comfort zone.”

Jodie, People & Culture Leader

I recently completed a coaching programme with Ruth which has assisted me to reflect on my own limiting beliefs and key moments in time that have shaped me to be who I am today.  Having had, and continuing to have a successful working career, participating in a coaching programme with Ruth that provides the opportunity to deeply reflect and understand who we truly are, has provided me with a renewed energy to present as the best version of myself.  Ruth guided me through the process with thoughtful direction and feedback, relevant exercises and thought provoking questions and insight.  I thoroughly recommend Ruth’s unique style of coaching for those who are willing to strengthen their self awareness, focussing on our own unique areas for development and directing our passion towards who we are and how we show up both professionally and personally.

Karen, People & Culture Lead

Doing this deliberate work on myself gave me the right level of confidence and I attracted a role that ticks all of the boxes for me. I didn’t think this would happen as quickly as it did but it was like all the stars were aligned and magic happened.”

Mel, Real Estate Professional

Ruth has proven to be thorough, genuine, and a wealth of useful information. Together, we worked through my passions, goals and values to narrow down a career path by design verses necessity. I found Ruth to manage and direct positive discussions to evoke self-worth and fulfilment while guiding the conversation through some difficult questions to address reoccurring patterns of behaviour. I now confidently apply for positions that are congruent with my values while balanced by my strengths. Ruth’s knowledge and experience within the recruitment industry along with her undeniable talent to prove a holistic, individualised approach to “Creating a healthy career”, has made it an extremely valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Ruth and without a doubt, I confidently recommend her to assist You with “align your Profession with your Passion to create a life with Purpose“.

Tanya, Business Development Manager

“I’m so grateful I had Ruth’s help. I always wanted to do something different, and now I have the confidence to do a course that will help me move my career in a new direction.”

Georgia, Learning & Development Professional

This was my second redundancy so I wanted to take some time to explore “is it me?”. Ruth’s insight was fabulous to help me see what lessons I needed to learn from this experience so that it doesn’t keep happening. I’ve now secured a new job and am excited to start a new path.

Michelle, Customer Service Officer

“Ruth seemed to genuinely care and be interested in helping me. In between our sessions, she would answer any questions I had and even let me know about jobs she thought I’d be suited to.”

My Commitment

My commitment is that you leave our programs with increased career clarity, energy and enthusiasm in your career, while improving performance and overall wellbeing. You’re inspired and inspiring. 

My mission is to help you elevate your career performance, fulfillment and wellbeing so you can achieve the success you want in a sustainable way and have the energy, stamina and clarity of thought that sets you ahead of the competition. 

My Mission

I'm here to elevate your career

As an Engagement and Career Wellbeing Coach, I specialise in working with people to help them elevate their career success & enjoyment while optimising their wellbeing.  After almost 30 years’ experience in the recruitment, career transition and career coaching industries I have supported thousands of people through all phases of their career to step up & embed strategies which enable healthy, sustainable high performance.

My belief is that a career should add to your life, not detract from it, making it essential to align your career with your passion & purpose. I also help people get  clear on their value proposition because when you know how you add value, you are valuable.

My process helps clients take an honest look at what’s working and not working in their career and peel back the layers to reconnect their career with their passion and purpose, and to have a wake up call before they actually have a wake up call! The process is very empowering as I help clients uncover and clear patterns that could be preventing them from reaching their potential, and work with their mindset so that they can have the career that’s congruent with who they are.

My mission is to elevate the performance and enjoyment for people in their career so they can achieve their goals in a sustainable way & have the clarity of thought that keeps them ahead of the competition and achieve the rewards they desire.

My coaching values

Here are the values I live and work by, to help guide your decision-making when considering me as your coach.

Truth and honesty
Only with truth and honesty, no matter how difficult it is, can somebody find their path in life.

Courage and inner strength
I understand that change can be difficult, and so I take a gentle and nurturing approach to achieving it. It takes courage, inner strength, and wisdom to be honest with yourself and find your inner truth. From this truth comes the inner strength to do what is needed to achieve your goals.

I strive to be the trusted ally that can sometimes see you with more clarity than you see yourself. We all have blind spots and get stuck in unhelpful thinking patterns. I can support you to spot these patterns and provide thoughtful and experienced advice to help you make positive changes.

Edgy and provocative
I challenge the status quo and provide unique perspectives. Iam not your average career coach. I work with the whole person, warts and all, and use techniques that you won’t find in HR manuals to support you to become your best self.

My Value Proposition as a Coach

  • Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Tad James Company
  • Master Coach in Neuro Limbic Conditioning (NLC)
  • Qualified Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Cadence Health & Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Accredited in the use of GLWS (Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey), Eek & Sense
  • WomanSpeak Circle Leader
  • Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Business Degree
  • Qualified Trainer
  • Qualified by experience – I’ve partnered with Boards, CEOs, Executives and individuals across a range of sectors to gain a strong understanding of what the expectations and challenges are to achieving a successful career
  • Qualified by life – learning and growth occur by overcoming challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone. I’ve experienced my fair share of both and continue to be curious to learn more!