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Quite often we drift through our career thinking that as long as we do a good job, all will be well. We’ll get noticed when there’s a promotion to be had. That your manager, or some magical fairy, will tap you on the shoulder and present opportunities to you, and that your job will be safe. We’ve all been there.

And then something happens that makes us realise it isn’t so!

Here’s one tool that you can use to check in with to ensure you’re on your path and taking the right proactive action in your career.

I’ve slightly modified the Ikigai model to guide many career conversations when people are not clear on what’s next, but it also serves to help you stay in the driver’s seat of your career.

The key 4 questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Are you still using your gifts, talents, strengths and applying the lessons you’ve learnt in your career (and are you continuing to learn)?
  2. Is your job enabling you to live your values? (otherwise you might be sabotaging your performance)
  3. Are you clear on your value proposition and still adding value? (consider from your employer’s perspective)
  4. What is your career path from here (either within the organisation you’re with, or if no opportunities exist there, then outside), and how are you proactively approaching those conversations and planting the seeds?

You can get more information to guide you through the Ikigai exercise here:

If you’d like to make a time for a career conversation, you can do that here.