You are currently viewing What Does Creating Healthy Careers Mean?

What springs to mind when you read this business name?

Do you think it’s to do with careers in the health industry?

Do you think it’s helping people in the fitness industry?

Or do you think it’s helping you achieve fitness in your career?

Well, the last one is getting closer to the mark. It is about helping people achieve success in their career in a healthy, sustainable way. On a deeper level, it’s also about helping people into a career that is going to have a positive impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.


We all know there’s a strong link between mind and body, just look at the impact stress can have on us. It starts of in the mind as a thought, and then it can have an impact on us physically. We might immediately notice a shortness of breath, then if it continues, an ache or a pain in the body or a headache, or a tightening in the body, think neck and shoulders, or a pain in the stomach. There’s a strong connection. Well, when we’re in a job that is no longer aligned with who we are, or we are no longer being true to ourselves, or doing what’s important to us and what we’re here to do, and we consciously ignore all the signs, the body can start to take over to get our attention. This usually happens through aches, pains or eventually illness and disease. The body of work around this is known as psychosomatics – the mind/body connection. It’s a fascinating area and can actually help you decipher what’s going on in your life, and then identify what you need to do to alleviate those physical symptoms.

I can remember coaching someone who had to look for work as their position had been made redundant, however they were worried about going for interviews and integrating into a new workplace as they had severe IBS. IBS is an irritation so when we looked into what had been irritating them at the time they developed the IBS, they realised it arose when they were being bullied at work. We then looked into why that situation had arisen in their life and what it was their to teach them, we identified that they needed to learn to speak up, so we started with baby steps, and they started to express what they wanted with friends and family. The IBS symptoms quickly reduced to the point where they felt comfortable going for interviews, and they secured a new job!

Some books you can refer to to help you decipher what might be going on in your body and why, are:

The Secret Language Of Your Body, by Inna Segal

Your Body’s Telling You: Love Yourself, by Lise Bourbeau

or Anatomy Of The Spirit, by Caroline Myss to more deeply understand the connection.

So pay attention to what your body is telling you. Quite often in our career we can ignore the little signs and push through the pressure, challenges, frustrations, but when we do, the impact is huge. Firstly we are telling ourselves that we don’t matter, and how do you think that impacts your presence at work, and what you attract? Secondly, when we ignore the little signs, they get louder!

If you’d like help identifying what your body is telling you about your career, or ensuring you’re in a career that will help you optimise your success and wellbeing, contact me here.