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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Do you know there are about 7 different career moves you can make and only one of them involves leaving your current job? So it might be worth stopping and asking yourself these questions before you move to the ‘other side’:


1. Am I happy where I am but it’s the work that isn’t engaging me?

2. What’s missing in my current role and could that be added in where I am?

3. If I’m looking for a change, could I move into a new area?

4. Has moving into a leadership role taken me away from what I actually love doing, and could I move back?

5. Am I ready to step up and could I get a promotion where I am?

6. Have I stopped learning and want to undertake some study?

7. Am I ready for a new challenge and are there any projects I could get involved in that would expand my knowledge?

8. Do I want to have a stronger sense of meaning and purpose and could I get that from being a mentor?

9. Do I want to be more involved and contribute and would a Board position quench that thirst?

And, if you want to identify your career sweet spot, I use the Japanese Ikigai model for finding meaning in life, provides 4 great questions to hone in what would bring you joy here.

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