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8 Strategies To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you’re an imposter in your career, or that you’re out of your depth? That somehow your success is a fluke and that everyone around you is way more capable than you, and you’re just waiting to be found out? You’re not alone, this is imposter syndrome and  it is very common! Most research shows that over 70% of the population has felt like an imposter at some point in their career.

I’m often surprised at the people who ask for help overcoming imposter syndrome. They are often highly capable and have had a successful career, and it takes me by surprise that they wouldn’t believe in their talents.


What is Impostor Syndrome?


Typically people feel imposter syndrome when they don’t recognise how good they are and there’s a gap between what they’re actually achieving and what their self-talk is telling them they are capable of. It’s in spite of the evidence they have. And, part of them thinks that everyone else knows what they’re doing!



Who’s Likely to Suffer From Impostor Syndrome?

The type of people who tend to suffer from Impostor Syndrome are hard workers. People who have put in the effort to get where they are. They attribute their success to really working hard as opposed to being capable. They can be socially savvy too, have high levels of EQ and therefore attribute their success to connecting with the right people at the right time.

Even Kate Winslett once said:

“Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going into a shoot and think … I can’t do this, I’m a fraud” .

Strategies to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

  1. Firstly label it & recognise that up to 70% of the population feels the same.
  2. Build a Success board. Recognise your effort, skills and abilities rather than attributing your achievements to external factors.
  3. Keep updating your resume with your achievement statements – it’s a confidence booster and records the facts so you have evidence.
  4. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting your whole life! Take steps that take you out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself but recognise that you will feel like a fraud. Action builds confidence – don’t wait for confidence to take action, you’ll be waiting!!!!!
  5. Find someone you can talk to about it – a professional mentor or coach. The benefit of talking about it is that it makes it less scary. It’s no longer a secret.
  6. When someone gives you positive feedback or a compliment about your work, say ‘Thank you’ and acknowledge it, don’t diminish what you’ve accomplished.
  7. Focus on action – it will get you out of your head. Just take the first step.
  8. Change your body language to change your state. When you change into a more empowered stance, it releases emotions that have you feeling more confident.

This exercise will help you start to acknowledge your strengths and your value proposition, and start to chip away at imposter syndrome.

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