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Hello, I’m Ruth Morgan, founder of Creating Healthy Careers and I developed this Career Clarity Program because I’m passionate about helping you get on a healthy and successful career path – one that aligns with your passion and values so that you have more meaning and purpose, plus achieve the success you deserve while optimising your wellbeing.

Combining my 30 years’  Recruitment, Career Transition and Coaching experience, this Program will help you find your Career DNA. The program contains many tools which have worked successfully for people just like you who are looking for career clarity and a more fulfilling, successful and sustainable career. It combines a range of methodologies including practical ‘career know how’, mindset coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming

In this online program, which represents $3,500 worth of consulting and coaching, you will:

  • get clear on your career path
  • overcome any fears that stop you taking action
  • discover how to pivot your career
  • get the tools that will help you win your dream job