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Throughout a lot of the courses I’ve done, there’s often mention of these Universal Laws, as though there are these laws at play in our world that I’d never known about. Or had I?

One of them that you may be familiar with is the Law of Cause and Effect.

I had inadvertently noticed this law at play a few times in my career and have written about it in my book. Firstly when observing people in the job search process. And secondly, when doing any business development. In the first situation, I used to watch the difference between people who were having success with their job search activities compared to those who weren’t. It’s going to sound obvious, but those who kept the wheels in motion would have opportunities come to them out of the blue. Those who had applied for a job, had an interview, and put all activities on hold, would often find opportunities drying up. Then throughout my 27 year career in the recruitment industry I would notice that whenever I took action to pick up the phone and call people, I would have business flowing my way, but not from the people I’d called. So these days it makes me feel a lot more relaxed about business development and just adopt the attitude that I simply have to take action and it will build momentum. I’ve even noticed that I just have to make phone calls and leave messages, and then business will come in. Last week I spent a day making calls and only spoke to one person. The very next day, two new clients contacted me with work! (for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

I’m currently doing a 16 week Intuition course, and we are covering the 13 Laws, and I’m excited to apply them to my business and see what happens.

The Law of Cause And Effect says:

  • Nothing happens by chance. If it seems that way, it is usually because we can’t see the connection
  • Deals not so much with things but more with the events in our lives
  • The aim is to stay balanced and calm, knowing we have maximum power to overcome all odds (unless fate dictates otherwise)
  • All is designed for our evolution to higher states of vibration/consciousness
  • As we evolve we shift from karma to tests of initiation to strengthen the soul. We come to see what needs refinement and/or strengthening.

It’s about taking action without any expectation and having the intention to be of service, not coming from a place of fear or ego. It’s a great mindset shift.

So look for this law at play in your career and your life. When something comes your way stop and identify what energy you put in to have that energy coming back to you.