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I love numerology and all things a bit different. I often throw in some insights from Dan Millman’s book “The Life You Were Born To Live – A Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose” with some of my clients who are into a holistic approach.

I can’t share everyone’s birthdates here, but I’ll start with this one and hope to share others at time goes by.

If you birthdate adds up to 29  (say for example your birthday is 12 March 1967 you would add 1 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 29; then you add 2 + 9. So you’re number is 29/11) you are a 29/11.

So for you 29/11’s here’s a little insight about your Life Purpose:

Those on the 29/11 life path are here to combine creative energy with higher principles and integrity, finding ways to apply their creativity in service of others, aligned with higher wisdom. Such higher wisdom is revealed by spiritual laws, especially the laws 29/11’s are here to live and learn.

All 29/11’s have tremendous creative potential. But because their primary life purpose represents a kind of mountain to climb, they may not feel as creative as others who aren’t working 1 energy and who have few pressing issues or obstacles in that arena. Some 29/11’s are still “stuck” working the 2 or 9 issues that precede the 11, which may block their awareness of the abundant energy available to them. Many 29/11/s are extremely creative but they have trouble handling the energy.

Before 29/11’s can open the floodgates of their inborn creative potential, they have to find themselves – their centre, identity, balance, and boundaries. They then need to work through the 9 gauntlet, which includes clearing their dependence on the opinions of others through the Law of Intuition, then contacting and living in accordance with spiritual law by taking responsibility for their own life.

Along with all of these challenges, 29/11s display extraordinary potential; when they face their issues with awareness and commitment, they are among the most creative people on the planet. The energy of 2 entails a form of cooperation with others, and 29/11s are born to support humanity in ways both large and small. Whether businesspeople or healers, construction workers or hairdressers, mail clerks or athletes, they have the potential to bring a spark of creativity to life through their work, their hobbies, or their family life. Overall, 29/11s are destined to direct their powerhouse of creative energy to uplift and inspire to support and heal.

By virtue of their creativity and presence, all 29/11s have within them the archetype, energy and creative inspiration of the inventor, the artist the athlete, and the leader. Natural networkers who enjoy many contacts, 29/11s represent the paradox of strong individualists who are also here to serve the larger good of the community.

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