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After my previous numerology post on what your birthdate can tell you about your career, I had a request from a 24/6.

(Remember the way to work out your number is adding all the individual numbers of your birthdate together: 8/9/2023 = 8+9+0+2+0+2+3 = 24 then 2+4=6)

So if you’re a 24/6 then here’s a little insight about your Life Purpose:

With a combination of 2 (vision & acceptance) and 4 (stability & process) energies, they bring powerful support and service energies into play. They have the internal strengths to bring at least some of their visions into reality as they find the limits of their responsibility, master cooperation, and work toward their goals in small, persistent steps.

Bright, gregarious, productive, and supportive, these individuals have a good relationship with friends and associates. Their practical analytical ability blends common sense with high vision. They act with strong conscious and want to learn from their mistakes and continue to improve themselves and their world. Strong, healthy, and energy packed, these individuals can be counted upon to get any job done as their work evolves from good to brilliant. They are always improving, always pushing toward perfection, but they accept the step by step process from where they are to where they want to be. They have a good sense of balance; they know how to give graciously and how to receive. Practical idealists, they appreciate themselves and others and find joy in the world.

Strength and precision make bodywork, architecture or service oriented professions enjoyable kinds of work. They also make excellent advisers in business due to their analytical abilities and the support energy of 2. Some even end up in some form of planning or politics to help improve the world. They also make natural athletes. Where strength and form are essential, they can make some of the best athletes anywhere. They aren’t limited to such areas, however, and fit into nearly any occupation if it suits their values and sense of meaning. The key for them is to cut through the “should” and ideals and rediscover what they really feel and enjoy.

These people are effective with groups, as they can see how to promote open, harmonious cooperation. They are successful at furthering idealistic causes or humanitarian goals in which they believe. These people are good in positions that require objectivity; they succeed as scientists, astrologers, electricians, technicians, computer experts, or in any occupation where the ability to see the future and bring it into the present is an asset. They are successful and happy in work that brings innovative ideas to the public. These natives produce positive results through their own properly applied creative energy, and they are able to see things through no completion. Broadcast work in radio or television is another field in which they have innate talents. Additionally, they are extremely creative and ready to bring enthusiasm, passion and raw energy to get any job done. When they use their determination to carry through in ways that empower the group or further a higher cause, they energize others. 

(taken from ‘The Life You Were Born To Live’ by Dan Millman)

So if you’re a 24/6 seeking to know your values to have more meaning in your career, I can help you get there. Reach out to me here to find out more.